10 Powerful Benefits Of Guest Posting

Benefits of guest posting

When I was new to blogging I tricked myself into believing that just putting out good quality content is more than enough to see astonishing results. Results like ranking higher on high search volume keywords, boasting higher domain authority, building my tribe via subscribers and more. But soon the “Hope Bubble” burst into a million … Read more

150+ Sites To Guest Post in 2020

guest posting sites

It’s been less than 2 years since I have started Decode Digital Market, my Digital Marketing Blog. In the beginning, I didn’t see any results. Like, it was just me who knew the existence of my website, I was putting out good quality content, content that was properly SEO Optimized, social sharing and content distribution … Read more

9 Ways To Find Guest Posting Opportunities

9 Ways to Find guest posting sites

Creating good content with an intent to providing value to the community and yet seeing no visitors show up can be really heartbreaking. What’s more heart-breaking is to see that blogs within your niche with thin content are doing much better than you.  One thing that really helps is LINKS!! I mean let’s face it. … Read more

How To Create Table Of Contents Without Plugin?

How To Create Table Of Contents Without Plugin

An ideal blog post today which you want to rank #1 in Google demands a lot of things, blogging isn’t like Instagramming or putting up a video on TikTok.  Blogging on Instagram is like simply putting up an aesthetic image with 6-7 lines caption and up to 4 hashtags and bam! It’s good to go. … Read more

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

WordPress Social Media Plugin

If you’re here that means you already know the role that social media plays for blogging and search engine optimization. Because, let’s face it Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. How exactly does everyone else love you?  They need to know that you exist in the first place, claiming higher rankings … Read more