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Welcome to Decode Digital Market.

The go-to Digital Marketing Blog which will always update you with information, hacks, tricks, and tips pertaining to the Digital Marketing Industry. It will always stay strictly aligned to the niche. The Niche is Digital Marketing.

I’ve been working as a Digital Marketer, my passion and fascination towards Digital Marketing influenced my decision to start this blog.

The reason I started this blog was that I’m a HUGE fan of implementation.

Execution and Pragmatism are paramount in Digital Marketing.

Why I preach implementation?

It’s simple, in Digital Marketing there will always be end number of things to learn, you will never run out of things to learn and grow. But what good is learning if you don’t get to put that into effect?

This is where implementation comes into the play. What I have learned in Digital Marketing plus what I’m learning is what will be translated into this blog.

We are no longer talking about assumptions. This blog enables me to embrace real-time learning. While at the same time creates an opportunity for me to share my learnings, experiences, and hacks with YOU.

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