Outranking Review – Is it More Than Just a Content Optimizer?

outranking.io review

GPT-3 based A.I content writing is all the rage right now for both right and wrong reasons. And it just so happened that I happened to come across Outranking.io which is an A.I based content optimization and content writing tool that heavily assists your SEO efforts at the same time.

Looking for something that fits the above description?

Then read this Outranking.io review. This is a comprehensive overview of what this tool can help you accomplish.

Decode’s Review of Outranking

Outline Generator
Meta Tags Generation via GPT-3
Questions Scraping
SERP Analysis with relevant metrics
Overall Review

What is Outranking.io?

Outranking is an SEO Content Optimization and SERP Analysis tool. This isn’t just one of those other SEO Content Optimization tools that craps out recommendations. Moreover this tool will actually crunch out the headlines variations that you can use, content summaries and outlines which will help you ideate the content that you are about to create. Or optimize the content that has already been out there but isn’t performing well.

If just like me you have hung in with SEO for long then you know that the solution isn’t always to build backlinks to move the needle.

Very often the solution is to fix the content that you already have so as to improve its likelihood of ranking higher. And various studies have proven that by just by optimizing the content with best SEO practices, entities & topics the needle does move; and in all fairness this is a rather cost-effective way to improve the rankings rather than buying backlinks always.

Outranking comes armed with features that will help you optimize existing content which is otherwise called content pruning; and moreover you can plan the new content with Outranking.

Let’s see how it really works in action.

How does Outranking.io Work?

The way this tool works is quite straight-forward. Outranking works in 3 ways.

Let’s go about how these features work one by one.

SEO Content Feature

In the SEO Content feature you can do two things, you can create new content from scratch based on your defined search query and proposed title and you can optimize the existing content that isn’t ranking well.

outranking content optimization steps

The tool works chronologically. Once you set your search query and title the next screen will chronologically prompt you with the next steps.

getting started with outranking content optimization

What are these so-called next steps?

1. Create and Optimize Meta Tags with A.I

After you set you search query, location and proposed title you are taken to the tool where as a first step you are supposed to generate meta title tag & optimize it.

Don’t worry you don’t need to open Google Doc or Spreadsheet in next tab to ideate the meta tags. Outranking leverages the GPT 3 A.I capabilities to literally generate it for you.

It generates multiple variations from which you can select the one that you like the most.

2. Generate Heading 1 Tag Ideas with A.I

heading 1 tag ideas with artificial intelligence

A lot of times there are different long tail keyword variations with exact intent. It’s like leaving the money on the table if you are not leveraging both to grab more SERP real estate.

One of the ways to do that is to set heading 1 tag different from that of title tag.

Outranking SEO Content optimizer using it’s A.I capabilities would suggest you a number of Heading 1 tag variations to choose from that contains high frequency keyword. You can see a tab next to Heading or H1 Tag to see the HF Keywords that the proposed H1 tags are using.

3. Generate Content Outline

This is one of those instances where Outranking does the muscle work for you. You know how time consuming it is to ideate the content outline of the article you are about to write is?

Outranking.io get this quite correctly, I was amazed at finding out how precisely their A.I is capturing the intent and flow of content keeping the semantic content writing in mind.

Just because I had set the search query as Local SEO Checklist their A.I figured out what the outline of the article should be.

And now instead of me going to SERP and jotting doing competitor’s outlines one after another, Outranking is doing leg work for me.

It has already suggested me all these outline i.e. headlines ideas. I can select the ones I wanna keep in my article.

4. Get Summaries for Content Outline Sections

create outline section summaries

The A.I doesn’t just stop at generating the outline ideas. You can go further ahead and extract unique summaries & answers for those headlines that you chose to have.

What’s more? You can literally tap on write for me to let the A.I completely write it for you.

I wouldn’t recommend this action though. Because their A.I. isn’t that good for content writing altogether.

The best use case here is to extract summaries or answers so that when you give this to a professional content writer he/she knows exactly what is expected to be put into the section and so there isn’t a jargon chaos when it actually goes into writing.

5. Ensure High Frequency Keywords are there in the content sections

optimize content sections with keywords

This functionality acts as a cross-check so that you can ensure that essential keywords are their in the content section which can help you rank higher.

Questions Feature

question suggestions from outranking

This functionality of the tool will scrape the questions from the SERP and suggest it to you, it will scrape PAA (People also ask) section questions and related searches and present it to you in the form of a question which you can now incorporate into your content. I think this is a great opportunity to leverage both FAQ Schema & Semantic content writing.

SERP Analysis Feature

This is one of my favorite features of the tool.

The SERP Analysis will give you an overview of word count, no of images being used, meta tags length and whether the query has Features Snippet and PAA (People Also Ask) questions.

In the SERP Analysis results it will show you the ranking as taken from Google SERP with some of the very important attributes that we gauge anyways.

Attributes like

  • Position
  • Content Length
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Backlinks
  • No of DoFollow Backlinks
  • No of NoFollow Backlinks
  • Outranking Grade

You can move over from the overview tab and move to [Meta Data & URL] and it will result just the meta title and URL with positions in results. You can bulk download the results. This is a cool feature to do bulk analysis to find what is really working in title tag optimization.

Then you can move to HTags and see what H1 – H6 tags web pages ranking have used.

You can move to [Keyword Data] to see HF (High Frequency) Keywords that websites in the SERP have used in meta tags, heading tags, Page URL, Ordered Lists, Unordered lists, Alt Text, Table, Content.

You can move to the [Questions] tab and see what questions websites in SERP have used.

Lastly, you can move to [Other Tags] and get insights on keywords that webpages have used in external link and anchor text, internal link and anchor text, image file names and alt text.

How is the Pricing stacked?

Outranking has been priced quite efficiently keeping different sets of customers in mind.

The starter $49 plan is suitable for Small Businesses pushing around 2 blogs a week.

Then there is professional $199 Plan for agencies & media companies that are serious about growth and understands the importance of pushing out properly optimized content and doing that activity at scale.

No more battling with writers block, this tool removes that excuse from your life. Even if you are someone battling with the writers block, just hit generate outlines to get some amazing ideas to put into the document.

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