Top 5 Text Summarizing Tools

Are you addicted to social media? Then, you must have seen multiple advertisements on every social media platform.

Brands promote their products here because it is the most powerful platform for advertisement.

This forum is full of users, so it can be challenging for a new competitor to come and make room.

The “came, saw, and conquered” policy almost flops here because you have to struggle a lot before you conquer this place.

Digital marketers use different tactics to make people aware of their products. And content marketing is one of them.

Words are the most powerful weapon to enchant the viewers as a word can tell thousands of stories and fascinate your audience.

So, to grab your readers’ attention, it is necessary to use powerful content in your social media campaigns.

No one will read lengthy lines about your product before purchasing it. So, make it shorter and powerful that can engage the readers.

How can one generate compelling social media posts?

Taking the time of people on social media platforms is tricky. You have to present their content according to the taste that attracts them.

So, you must have an idea about the product that you are going to sell. It can help you to figure out the main points of that product.

From here, you can generate a summary of your whole marketing process and save your audience time.

Make your audience aware of the main working of goods in a short message.

Although generating the summary of the entire content can be time-taking, you can also make your task easy by using any summarizing tool.

These tools can instantly extract the main headings of content that are basic features of that product.

Top summarizer online helpful for Digital Marketers 

When we look for the best summarizing tool online, the search engine gives us a long list, and it can be difficult to select the best of them.

Every tool has its pros and cons, so users get puzzled while going for the top summarizer. 

To end this confusion and ease the users, we will give you the list of best summarizing tools that can shorten your content.

Social media marketers can also take help from these summarizing tools and generate powerful lines from the content to attract more audiences.

Among the best summarizing tools, it lies at the top of the list because of its efficiency in working.

Digital marketers can facilitate themselves from this summary generator and get the juice of content to present it in the best way that helps to grab a reader’s attention.

Here we will tell you the best features of this text summarizer and place it on the top list.

  • Show the best lines

While generating a summary of the content, this tool provides the best lines for the main theme of advertisement.

summarizer in action

If you promote your mobile phone brand and insert the content in this tool, it will extract the main features from that text to make it fully attention-grabbing.

  • Bullet points

To make your audience aware of your product in the most convenient way, present the content in bullet points.

It is the best way to make the presentations more readable and understandable. You have to click on the button, and it will give the text in the bullet points.

  • Set length summary

Users can set the length of the summary according to requirements. They can increase or decrease it from the length button.

Generally, the summary is one-third of the whole content, but one can increase or decrease it accordingly.

The text summarizer by editpad is best due to the rapidity. It provides the results instantly without changing the central theme.

It provides the best lines in the most understanding way. Here we will discuss the best features of this summarizing tool.

  • Ultra-fast

This top summarizer is fast as it gives an instant response and generates a content summary without wasting time.

  • Download files

After getting the summary of the text, users can directly download files from there and use them. To copy the text from summarizing box and paste it into another document is a bit boring task.


This tool eases the users and gives them the facility to download the files directly.

  • Accurate text

This free tool doesn’t lose the main concept of the entire text and provides you with an accurate result. 

  • Multiple languages 

A user can get the facility to choose different languages. This tool supports multiple languages so users can upload their content on any website.

You can change the language of the text before summarizing it to get the result in a different format.

This online text summarizer is very secure to use with simple interphase. Therefore, users can use this tool without any difficulty.


Let’s talk about the best feature of this tool that keeps it among the best summarizers.

  • Simple interphase

The interphase of this text summarizer is very simple and easy to understand. You have to paste the content into summarizing box and click on generate button.

This AI-based tool will give a quick response and provide you with the best summary of the content.

  • Secure to use

User safety is the priority of this tool. It keeps the data of users secure, so you can use this tool without any safety issues.

This text summarizer instantly removes the data of the user from its databases.

  • Basic understandings

Before generating the text summary, it reads the lines of the whole content deeply and figures out the main ideas from there.

So, the summary provided in the end is at a basic level that the reader can easily understand and make him aware of your product.

This tool is specially designed for summarization purposes. The users can set the length of the summary and make it short quickly.


Let’s dive deep and discuss the main features of this summarizing tool.

  • Fast results

The working of this text summarizer is swift. So, users can get results immediately after putting the text in summarizing box.

It read the entire article deeply and figure out the main ideas from there.

  • Increases productivity

As the working of this summary generator is very fast so users can boost their writing career and grow the productivity rate by using this tool.

They can get more results in less time and make their workflow fast and accurate.

  • Helps in skimming

Every one of us likes to skim the text. People take out the main points from the content while reading it. 

This summarizing tool helps the user provide primary headings of content that allow the user to skim the lines and save time.

It is the last and best-summarizing tool that can generate the best summary for the users. It presents the results based on the best lines.

Without wasting time, here we will talk about the best features of this tool that make it among the best summary generators.

  • Rank-based

When the text is inserted in the box, it thoroughly reads the content and picks the best lines that describe the text most efficiently.

The AI software makes its rankings and figures out top sentences that are the actual juice of content.

  • Upload files directly

To make it easy for users, this tool facilitates them to upload the file directly, which can help to save their time.

It directly gets access to your system and takes files from there to summarize them.


  • Show bullets

This summarizing tool provides the result in bullets to make it easy to read and understand. Readers can quickly get the main headings of the whole content.

Final lines

A summary is the best way to engage more audience and tell them about your product naturally. 

Digital marketers use critical points in the campaigns to make visitors aware of their products. The tools we discussed here are best for generating a summary of your content.

These can provide you with the best lines of content in minimum time that can grab readers’ attention easily.

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