12 Types Of Digital Marketing [and How to use them]

types of digital marketing

With the increasing number of internet users, there are a different types of the Digital Marketing you can use to grow your business on internet and reach your target customers. Well, don’t be overwhelmed. The aim of this rather comprehensive article is to act as your guide, guiding you through the forest of Digital Marketing. … Read more

Should you DNS-Prefetch all 3rd Party Domains?

What the heck is DNS-Prefetching anyways? DNS-Prefetching is how you resolve Domain Names before the resources are requested. Resolving domain names here means resolving a website’s IP address. What happens if you don’t do this? If you don’t leverage DNS-Prefetching then that can add several extra seconds for the resource to load & that can … Read more

9 Powerful Python Libraries for SEO

python libraries for seo

There is no denying the fact that Python is incredibly useful for SEO. It helps speed up the SEO processes to a large extent. Some Python Script can in fact automate a lot of menial SEO tasks that you would have to do manually otherwise. In this article, we will explore some of the most … Read more