10 Non-Cliche Social Media Marketing Trends You Need To Know

Social Media Marketing trends 2019

Summary of Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020 1. Social Proof 2. Not just engagement, make them join your movement 3. Subtle Advertising 4. Brands going from Macro influencers to Micro to Nano Influencers 5. Subtle Facebook Chatbot broadcasts 6. Timeliness 7. Ephemeral Content Keeps Gaining Popularity 8. Follow/Unfollow as a strategy to grow Instagram … Read more

7 Easy Ways to Transform Quora into a Digital Marketing Tool

transform quora into a tool for digital marketing

What is Quora anyway? Every Aspiring Digital Marketer needs to read this article. You will learn the ways to exploit the potential of Quora for Digital Marketing in this post. Here is what we are going to decode in this article Use of Quora for Building Authority Quora for Brand Advocacy Using Quora for manual … Read more

How to use Instagram on your PC

How to use instagram on your PC

In this blog post, we will decode using Instagram on your Desktop/PC/Laptop/Mac or whatever you wanna call it. Instagram is a Social Media Platform, which now has a daily 1 billion active users. It is a platform like every other social media platform. Recommended: Social Media Marketing Trends Let’s first take a quick dive into Instagram … Read more