Spooky Digital Marketing Ideas For Halloween

The holidays are just a few weeks away from now, but before we reach the season of giving, we must first pass through the spooky Halloween season. This occasion for scares and out of the ordinary costumes isn’t just popular with kids. It’s also a big hit with companies as there are numerous marketing practices they can employ during this time of the year. Here are some amazing Halloween-themed digital marketing ideas that every company must try out.

1. Spooky Logo

Companies like Google and others change their logos to keep in line with the spooky theme for Halloween. From witches to Jack-o-lanterns, there are various items that companies can add to their usual logo to keep the scares up. As this is only a temporary logo switch, marketers should only change the appearing logos on a company’s social media channels.

While it may not seem like a big change, that logo switch will make the brand more recognizable during the Halloween season as competitors will be doing the same. Of course, customers also appreciate a little change every once in a while.

2. Release Season Exclusive Items

Regardless of what the holiday is, season exclusive items are always a big hit. Retailers should use Halloween as an opportunity to launch limited-time products and deals which their biggest fans are sure to buy as they can’t have it any other time of the year. As this is the Halloween season, companies can get very creative with what they can offer.

For instance, skincare or perfume sellers can offer pumpkin-themed products such as pumpkin spice scents. Some retailers can also sell costumes as there are a lot of people looking for creative and unique outfits to wear during Halloween parties.

3. Start A Halloween Contest

Halloween contests are also a big hit with companies, the most popular of which are photo contests that showcase the best costumes people have for the season. Companies shouldn’t limit themselves to best costume contests, however, as there are several other ways to approach this practice.

Consumers can also be asked to share their scary experiences. The one with the most likes wins a special prize! Any season is a great time to generate user-created content as people enjoy spine-chilling tales and aesthetics.

4. Give Treats For Each Purchase

It can’t be Halloween if there’s no trick or treat! Companies shouldn’t ask their target to go out trick or treating during the season. What they could do, though, is give them exclusive gifts and treats for every purchase. This gives consumers an incentive to buy products from the company, and freebies are always a big hit with fans.

Retailers don’t have to go all out with the treats, though, as small extras will be appreciated well. Even buy-one-take-one deals will go a long way in terms of generating extra sales. Whatever marketers do, however, they shouldn’t try to trick their customers into anything shady, even if it’s just for a prank. This will heavily dent their reputation.

5. Live Stream Halloween Decorating

Retailers also spice up their stores during Halloween. While doing this, it’s advisable for them to live stream the decorating process. This will let their targets engage with them as there could be some viewers of the live stream that will share their own thoughts and suggestions regarding the design.

With regards to what designs stores should put up, basic Halloween decor, such as cobwebs and pumpkins, will be a hit with fans. It’s also a great idea to put in decorations that are inspired by the current year’s biggest Halloween icons. For this year, Pennywise or Annabelle statues are very popular.

A lot of people are also looking for inspiration when it comes to Halloween decor, so companies can expect a flock of viewers tuning into their live stream.

6. Create A Scary Video

People love getting scared through videos, which is why scary movies are always a big hit in cinemas. Consumers aren’t expecting companies to create full-on high budget horror movies. What companies can do, though, is to create short scary videos such as scare pranks or retelling of scary stories.

A great idea would be to create a series of short films centered around spooky experiences. Companies can also encourage customer participation and engagement by asking their audience to tell their own spine-chilling experiences. The one with the scariest story will be featured in a short video created by the company itself.

7. Offer Discounts In Exchange For Costume Photos

As there will be countless people participating in Halloween parties, the season would be a great time to once again encourage user-generated content by offering discounts to those that send their costume photos before purchasing. 

Once companies collect a huge amount of photos, they can showcase these in another contest. The one with the most likes will get an additional gift for the company!


Keeping up with Holidays is a big trend for marketers as it is the opportunity to release exclusive content and products. Halloween may only be celebrated one day but people can’t help but talk about the season once October hits. For marketers, now would be a great time to stand out and make better engagement opportunities with their targets.


Infographic Source: Serpwatch.io


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