6 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Business?

blogging important for business

Blogging in itself & Blogging for Business has always remained a buzzword in the Digital Marketing Industry owing to its multifaceted applications. One crucial purpose that blogging serves is for business websites selling either services or products. Blogging is not a separate industry, it complements businesses as well. Be it a local business, SaaS provider, … Read more

The SEO Glossary – 65+ SEO Terms & Definitions

seo glossary

Decode Digital Market has covered a lot of content on SEO so far, whether it be SEO Mistakes, Link Building methods, Guest Blogging. Today, we will take a look at important SEO Glossary terms that SEOs toss around, leaving others around them confounded as if they are using the Dothraki language from “The Game Of … Read more

22 Deadly SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

deadly seo mistakes

Table of contents Not Optimizing Google My Business enough Ignoring Structured Data Markup and Search Features Not working on making the UX Stunning Ignoring branded keywords Focusing merely on bots and not users Ignoring Mobile users Unclear SEO Goals Not Leveraging the right SEO Tools Not performing the SEO Audits Not paying attention to site … Read more

10 Powerful Benefits Of Guest Posting

Benefits of guest posting

When I was new to blogging I tricked myself into believing that just putting out good quality content is more than enough to see astonishing results. Results like ranking higher on high search volume keywords, boasting higher domain authority, building my tribe via subscribers and more. But soon the “Hope Bubble” burst into a million … Read more

150+ Sites To Guest Post in 2021

guest posting sites

It’s been less than 2 years since I have started Decode Digital Market, my Digital Marketing Blog. In the beginning, I didn’t see any results. Like, it was just me who knew the existence of my website, I was putting out good quality content, content that was properly SEO Optimized, social sharing and content distribution … Read more

9 Ways To Find Guest Posting Opportunities

find guest posting sites

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities [9 Ways that Don’t Suck] Still, wondering how to find high-quality guest blogging opportunities? In fact, let’s begin with WHY you need it in the first place. Here’s the deal, creating good content with an intent to providing value to the community and yet seeing no visitors show up … Read more