HostFizia Review – At ₹2.9K a Year Host Unlimited Websites

Today we will review one of the most brand new cloud hosting HostFizia that has made a name for itself in the market.

This hosting is from India for the Indian Market. If your website serves customers in India then this is the best hosting option that you can go with.

We have earlier reviewed web hosting in this blog, but today we will be discussing Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting comes with its own set of advantages over other forms of hosting. In fact, now that Core Web Vitals is hovering over our heads it’s more so important to purchase cloud hosting especially if you have a large website.

Website Hosting plays a critical role in the website speed performance; using a proper host you will have an unfair advantage over the competition that is still hosted on poor hosts.

But before we dive into the HostFizia Review let’s briefly decode Cloud Hosting.

hostfizia review

What is Cloud Hosting? Who needs it?

Cloud Hosting makes the resources you have on your website accessible using cloud resources. Whereas in traditional hosting like say WordPress hosting, the solutions are deployed on a single server making you dependent on that alone.

With Cloud Hosting you have more flexibility and scalability as the applications and resources on your website can leverage the network of virtual and physical cloud servers which is where your website will be hosted.

Cloud Hosting, in my opinion, is one of the best options for websites that are huge in terms of resources they deploy i.e. websites having thousands of pages catering to customers spread across the world.

Wherein the downtime of a minute caused due to the poor choice of the host can cost thousands of dollars worth of business to the site owner.

Key Features of Cloud Hosting

Why take HostFizia Cloud Hosting?

When it comes to cloud hosting there are a lot of good options that are available in the market, be it Hostinger, HostGator, Siteground, Google Cloud, and whatnot.

And don’t get me wrong these cloud hosting providers are excellent! But I would recommend these cloud hosting options to businesses that are larger in scale having websites that have to do business worldwide and have to deploy SaaS kind of tools.

But what about Bloggers that have just embarked on the journey not having a lot of money to spare? they still deserve a good host, don’t they?

SEO is the biggest growth hack for bloggers without SEO they can’t last long. To nail the SEO game one of the things a blogger need is a terrific host.

And that’s what brings us to HostFizia

HostFizia Cloud Hosting is not like other cloud hosting out there. The other cloud hosting that I had mentioned earlier costs a lot. So much that a newbie blogger would either drop the plan of blogging or would rather settle with a cheap hosting delivering cheap performance; now trust me if you are a blogger and if you are reading this then you wouldn’t want that.

HostFizia is at your rescue!

Other Cloud Hosting providers like Hostinger will cost you a minimum of ₹799/mo.

That makes it ₹9,588 a year

P.S. I haven’t even added the GST that you will need to pay

Whereas,  HostFizia Cloud Hosting costs you just; wait for it

₹499/ year that’s about it! I mean its a started plan but even their costliest plan still costs you just ₹2,999/ year

What are HostFizia Features?

hostfizia features

1. SSD Only Cloud

HostFizia cloud hosting runs on SSD Cloud Hosting instead of HDD disks and it’s been proven that WordPress runs 50% faster with their full SSD storage. This is one of the advantages that will allow you to optimize the website for speed and performance.

2. Website Starter Kit

Like a lot of other web hosting providers this India web host provider also comes with a website starter kit so that you can create a website using drag & drop functionality that is easy to use and requires ZERO Technical knowledge to do so as it is a drag & drop website builder.

3. Cpanel

As with many other web hosting providers like Godaddy and the likes; this Indian Web Host provider also comes with a Cpanel.

The Cpanel dashboard provides access to various applications that you as a website owner will need to overall manage the website efficiently. Features and applications like File Manager, PHPMyAdmin, Images, DNS, Domain Migration and so much more.

4. Litespeed Web Server

In 2021 while going with a host this is an important feature that you need to look for. i.e. Litespeed Web Server, 2021, and moving forward Google is going to favor UX signal more than anything else. One thing that ruins user experience is a website that loads slowly.

With Litespeed Web Server the website speed increases dramatically as it comes with an in-built cache, web security, reduces hardware costs, and more.

In fact, if you are choosing a host for your WordPress host (which I know you’re) then there’s an added advantage because for caching you can choose the Litespeed Cache plugin and optimize the website speed to its full potential.

It would be like putting your website on a speed drug.

5. Free Managed Migrations

Extra cookie points to HostFizia for saving customers from this trauma. 

And this is actually a premium feature in a lot of hosting but here you are getting this feature for free.

When you choose to move from one host to another, people not having basic tech skills make grave mistakes in terms of moving hosts which increases the DNS propagation period or worse; it endangers the very existence of the website.

But with HostFizia rest assured your dedicated account manager will help you migrate your current website on cPanel hosting with any other provider to your hosting order completely for free.

6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A lot of web hosts are coming with a 30-day money-back guarantee, HostFizia understands the Indian market’s needs and hence here too you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of HostFizia then you get a refund if claimed within 30 days.

A Quick Glance at HostFizia Cloud Hosting Plans

1. Starter Plan

The Starter plan is the cheapest of all, it is so affordable that hearing its price will knock you off your chair.

The starter plan will cost you only ₹499 per year; yes you read that correctly for a year all you have to pay is ₹499/-

This plan is suitable for newbie bloggers not sure if they wanna start blogging still in experiential stages. I would however not recommend this plan to bloggers who are thinking big and wants to grow beyond.

Because the features are minimal.

Here are its features

2. Advance Plan

Now this plan is really great and still affordable; I will recommend this plan to small/mid-size businesses as well bloggers who are doing great traffic and want to expand their potential by creating blogs on more niches. This plan will cost you only ₹1,499 per year.

And the features you get for it are simply breath-taking.

Here are the features

3. Business Plan

Now this plan is for large businesses doing business over several countries as well as bloggers who host dozens of blogs indulge themselves in businesses like domain reselling, selling expired domains. Basically, anyone who would want to establish various websites flexibly.

If you fit the criteria then this plan is for you and comes at just ₹2,999 per year.

For just ₹2,999 per year, you can make way more than that by indulging in side businesses like domain reselling, purchasing, and selling expired domains, creating PBN Networks to sell backlinks at scale, hosting more blogs in various other niches.

And it will all be possible once you see the sheer amount of features that you are getting.

HostFizia Speed Performance Analysis

To analyze HostFizia’s speed performance we will see how it score on GTMetrix Website Speed Audit tool.

hostfizia gtmetrix analysis

It is worth noting here that HostFizia hasn’t properly optimized the CSS Cache and it is for that reason that we are observing the C grade.

Leave that aside or optimize that properly and you will incredible website speed boost.

Not convinced? You will be! Check out the Host Audit below.

Host Audit

Is the website available worldwide? see for yourself

website host availability


All I can say is don’t think twice, this is the best deal you can get, and if you are from India then you have all the more reason to go with this considering how affordable it is and the sheer bandwidth of features you are getting.

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